On Being an Emotional Yo-Yo

Quick one tonight:

I was feeling somewhat discouraged earlier today. Someone who had agreed to read and review my novel backed out, because she thought it might have more “questionable” bits than she was comfortable with. And I went on Goodreads and found another 3 rating, which brings down my average.

And then I did my periodic Googling on my name + No Going Back, and I found a tweet from earlier this week from a blogger who’s reading my book and liking it more than she was expecting. And suddenly I’m feeling happy again.

It really is true (for me at least) that as an author, I can’t really separate my own ego from how people react to my book, no matter how much everyone seems to claim that it ought to be possible…

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3 Responses to “On Being an Emotional Yo-Yo”

  1. Pam Williams says:

    This brings up a really good point about a writer’s motivations. Someone once asked me why I write and “I can’t NOT write” wasn’t an acceptable answer. However, this post makes me think of another reason – I want to open a dialog with readers and discuss this relevant subject. But until they read the book, there’s not much to talk about. As much as we’d like to say, “It’s a great book and I don’t care if you don’t like it,” we really do care and our egos are really invested. It almost seems like if they don’t like my book they don’t like me, and I’m really quite a likable, interesting person. I want my book to help somebody somehow.

    • Jonathan says:

      Absolutely. I’m not sure I really understand writers who claim not to be affected by how people react to their books. Maybe it comes after that 50th sale…

      • LauraN says:

        If you ever truly stop caring what readers think of what you write–it’s probably time to start CPR. If only we can figure out whether to start with the chest compressions of the breathing . . . so don’t do it yet.

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