Science Fiction and Mormonism

Every now and then I have literary thoughts, which I feel I should credit myself for here even if they’re published elsewhere. So yesterday I posted an essay titled “The Appeal of Science Fiction for (Some) Mormons” over at A Motley Vision blog. If the topic interests you, I invite you to read and respond either there or here.

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2 Responses to “Science Fiction and Mormonism”

  1. LauraN says:

    Over at the other site, I got the feeling there were some ongoing arguments that I knew nothing about, so I’m going to comment over here.

    I think that one appeal to LDS readers and writers of fantasy and fiction is that we are much more comfortable writing about stand-ins for God than in writing about God as a fiction character. Because our entire lives are infused with communication with deity, we find a situation without it to be oddly flat. However, writing about God as a fictional character seems pretty cheeky. It’s all right to have some one in a story pray and get an answer. But it would be quite another to fictionalize extensive interactions between God and a mortal. It just doesn’t seem right. Part of the appeal of sci-fi and fantasy is the possibility of having a godlike character who acts and interacts in a way that seems believable to the author (and, we hope, the reader), without being so presumptuous as to write lines for God to speak.

    • Jonathan says:

      Interesting thoughts. This might help explain why I at least tend to be very uncomfortable with sf&f that does try to involve God as a character…

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